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AFP-Florida Releases 2024 Legislative Scorecard, Highlights House and Senate Policy Champions

May 30, 2024 by AFP

AFP-FL Awards 16 State Legislators as Key Policy Champions 

Tallahassee, FL—Today, Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) unveiled its 2024 Legislative Scorecard, highlighting the state’s elected officials who championed solutions that will create more opportunity for all Floridians.

The scorecard serves as an accountability tool for activists and the general public to learn how each Senator and Representative voted on key issues in the 2024 legislative session. The scorecard is meant to keep Floridians informed on how their lawmakers have served their interests over the past year.

In addition to the scorecard, AFP-FL gave special recognition to 16 Members who have fought for legislation that makes the Sunshine State an affordable and sustainable place to live, start a business, or raise a family.

AFP-FL State Director, Skylar Zander, made the following statement:

“Our scorecard is a useful tool for voters statewide, determining how well their elected officials represented them in office. It’s also a time for AFP-FL to highlight some incredible work accomplished by leaders who have stood for pro-growth and commonsense policies in the state legislature, continuing to make Florida a free and thriving state.” 

Legislative Champions

AFP-FL’s 2024 Legislative Champions not only sponsored bills supporting freedom in our great state, but also led by example as chairs of committees and subcommittees that tackled some of the most pressing issues in the state, from taxation and building permitting to energy and agricultural regulations. 

Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (SD-11)

Sen. Jay Collins (SD-14)

Rep. Stan McClain (HD-27)

Rep. Mike Giallombardo (HD-77)

Champions for Regulatory Freedom

These members remained dedicated to keeping government overreach to a minimum in Florida. They tackled multiple issues to ensure all Floridians can find jobs without unnecessary interference by state and local regulatory bodies.

Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez (SD-39)

Rep. Danny Alvarez (HD-69)

Champion for Worker Freedom

The Champion for Worker Freedom (and Legislative Champion Sen. Ingoglia) continued the important shift of keeping our public employees first and foremost. They sponsored legislation to amend last year’s bill to protect workers’ paychecks and ensure public worker unions are responsive to the needs of their members.

Rep. Dean Black (HD-15)

Champions for Affordable Housing

The Champions for Affordable Housing sponsored and strongly advocated for policies that bring speed and transparency to residential housing and construction in Florida. Their bills set clear deadlines for the initial and final permitting of construction and help ensure our market can speedily respond to the needs of Florida families.

Sen. Nick DiCeglie (SD-18)

Rep. Tiffany Esposito (HD-77)

Champions for Education

These members led consistently on some of the most important issues facing our primary and secondary students today. Their work brings career and technical education opportunities to many new students and continued to support the opportunities for all Florida families through Universal Education Savings Accounts.

Sen. Corey Simon (SD-03)

Rep. John Snyder (HD-86)

Champions for Free Markets

The Champions for Free Markets all stood strong in the face of immense pressure in not supporting the government picking winners and losers when it came to public works projects in Florida.

Rep. Cyndi Stevenson (HD-18)

Rep. Randy Maggard (HD-54)

Rep. Will Robinson (HD-71)

Rep. Tom Fabricio (HD-110)

Champion for Fiscal Responsibility

AFP-FL’s Champion for Fiscal Responsibility shone a strong spotlight on many unproven spending requests. He held firm in requiring appropriate financial studies and reports before considering many proposed bills, including, most importantly, stopping a rush to add a cost-of-living adjustment to FRS which would have added over $2 billion every year to the state budget.

Sen. Bryan Avila (SD-39)

CLICK HERE to view the entire 2024 Scorecard.