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Win of the Week

Jul 23, 2018 by AFP

The Big W: The New Mexico Governor signed an occupational licensing executive order

What it is: All state licensing boards must review their licensing requirements and provide additional justification if fewer than 25 other states require a license for the same job.

Why it’s important: Overburdensome occupational license requirements remove the first rung in the ladder to success and prevent New Mexicans, especially young or low-income residents, from finding work and creating a better life for themselves and their families. Occupational licenses serve as barriers that have increasingly been used to protect special interests from competition, rather than the public from harm.

The grassroots impact: For years, Americans for Prosperity has been sharing stories of how occupational licensing hurts Americans and calling on lawmakers to reform these outdated regulations. Our New Mexico chapter invested significant time, energy and grassroots power into discussions with Gov. Susana Martinez and other lawmakers about this crucial issue, and helped advance a workable solution.

Prosperity produced: The review process will help identify areas where licensing requirements were overburdensome or even unnecessary. This will ensure more New Mexicans can find work, creating a more free and prosperous state.

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