Why Sen. Tester Is Wrong on Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance Plans

Aug 3, 2018 by AFP

Recently, Sen. John Tester called short-term, limited-duration insurance plans “junk plans,” saying they “belong in the trash.”

Sen. Tester should tell that to the Montanans who count on these plans.

STLD insurance plans are vital escape valves for the millions of Americans hurt most by Obamacare. Free from Washington’s one-size-fits-all mandates, these plans provide consumers the flexibility to purchase insurance that best fits their needs at costs they can afford.

While many of the best hospitals and doctors don’t accept Obamacare plans, STLD insurance plans equip people with better care if they get sick.

For Montanans who are self-employed or whose employers aren’t required to offer health insurance, it can be cheaper to just go without insurance, pay the fee and hope no major medical expenses pop up.

The solution for this isn’t more government—it’s more choices. Short-term insurance fills a gap created by Obamacare’s restrictions and barriers while saving families money. Obamacare hurt lower-income families by banning plans designed to be more affordable. Sen. Tester is continuing this practice in spirit by fighting options that would help families access insurance. STLD insurance plans cost significantly less than those plans that comply with Obamacare –figures show premiums are 50-80 percent lower. They allow people to pay for the things they need, enabling them to avoid paying for coverage for services they’ll never use. This makes these plans a good option for Montanans who are young, self-employed or don’t get insurance from their workplace.

If Sen. Tester is serious about making health care more affordable, he should be an ardent supporter of market-based solutions like STLD plans.