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Helena Montana State Capital

Kaitlyn Ruch: Leading toward a better future for Montana families

Aug 15, 2022 by AFP

Kaitlyn Ruch is a candidate for Montana House District 84. Despite only graduating from high school in June 2022, the 18-year-old is a seasoned advocate.

She has worked for the Montana Republican Party and as deputy communications director for U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale (R-Montana).

If elected, Ruch has promised to lower taxes, reform education, and make life easier and safer for Montana families.

Ruch’s general election opponent is Jill Cohenour, who currently represents Montana State Senate District 42 and is the state senate minority leader.

Kaitlyn Ruch is fostering the next generation of learners and leaders

As a newly minted high school graduate (who finished high school a year early), Ruch has a keen understanding of how schools could better prepare students for life, leadership, and the workforce. She has pledged to make sure “the leaders of tomorrow are prepared for the world ahead of them by giving them the skills they need to succeed.”

If elected, Ruch will support returning control of schools to localities and parents. She has indicated she supports charter school expansion, tax credit scholarships, and open enrollment.

Ruch also has noted that, as one of the younger candidates for the state legislature, she will be well-equipped to understand what it takes to build a better future for the next generation.

Ruch has worked with groups like RunGenZ and Young Americans for Freedom, which helped her “understand the value of getting young people involved in the process and learn the value of doing the hard work that it takes to serve our communities.”

Respecting her role as a young emerging leader, Kaitlyn was named “The Distinguished Young Woman of Montana” for 2022 and represented Montana at the National DYW Finals in Alabama this past June.

Kaitlyn Ruch is a fresh voice for Montana

Ruch told The College Fix she is running for a seat that traditionally has been occupied by Democrats “because I have continually seen problems in our state that are not being fixed, and some elected representatives who don’t truly do the job of representing the people that they are elected to represent.”

In addition to education, Ruch has said she will focus on reducing Montanans’ property and income tax burdens and cutting the red tape that drives up costs for families and businesses.

Ruch’s desire to limit the size and scope of government comes from her belief that people should be in charge of making decisions about their own life.

Specifically, Ruch has indicated she supports restraining government occupational licensing, which limits employment opportunities for the least well-off. She supports a comprehensive review of occupational licensure requirements to better evaluate the value of a given license and identify a less restrictive method of regulating the occupation.

Kaitlyn Ruch wants a criminal justice system that keeps Montanans safe

Lawmakers must ensure our criminal justice system reflects the American values of second chances, proportional punishment, and due process — while keeping citizens safe.

While pledging to protect Montana communities from drugs and crime, Ruch has indicated she supports:

  • Increasing the number of infractions where law enforcement may issue a citation in lieu of an arrest
  • Creating certificates of rehabilitation so previously incarcerated people who meet specific requirements can gain easier access to a home, education, and a job
  • Establishing a uniform data collection system for the criminal justice system

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