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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Whitmer Taking Michigan in Wrong Direction with Right-to-Work Repeal

Mar 14, 2023 by AFP

Lansing, Michigan—Today the Michigan Senate voted to repeal the state’s landmark Right-to-Work law.

The bill to repeal Right to Work now goes to Governor Gretchen Whitmer who has promised to sign the bill repealing the popular law.

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan (AFP-MI) organized activists to protest the repeal. The group printed and handed out 150,000 pink slips—representing the 150,000 Michigan workers who will be forced to rejoin their union or lose their jobs.

AFP-MI State Director Annie Patnaude issued the following statement on the Senate’s move to repeal worker freedom:

“A decade after passing Right-to-Work, Michigan is now the first state to take this giant step backwards.

“Not only does Governor Whitmer not care about giving workers the freedom to decide on union membership for themselves, but she and her caucus are prepared to force taxpayers to subsidize union dues. Together with another bill passed on prevailing wage, Whitmer’s anti-worker agenda will hobble the state’s already fragile economy.”