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We are thankful for our volunteers

Nov 21, 2018 by AFP

What a year we’ve had! From promoting more responsible government to educating citizens on how to be effective activists to calling our friends and neighbors to help get out the vote, it’s been a very busy 2018.

This time of year, we all try to find the time to reflect on the things we are thankful for. In this instance, there are some individuals we are thankful for. They have gone above and beyond to advance liberty this year, and we would be markedly less effective without them.

Marie Zilli not only made over 2,000 calls in the last couple of months, but she also recruited volunteers,  opened the office for a phone bank, and provided on the ground support.


Gabby McCaslin made close to 2,000 calls, assisted new volunteers, and assisted us during a One Generation class.


Jim Straube made close to 2,000 calls to fellow Nebraskans.


David Spaulding  made over 1,000 calls to fellow Nebraskans.


Lisa Zilli  made over 1,000 calls to fellow Nebraskans.


Susan Gumm is one of our top call and door volunteers. She also helped out by creating her own “No Medicaid Expansion” signs to help spread the word on the fiscally dangerous policy.


We hope you have folks like Marie, Gabby, Jim, David, Lisa, and Susan in your life. They bring light and joy to what can sometimes be daunting tasks.

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