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Trump Administration Regulatory Reform, A Major Victory for Everyday Americans

Apr 30, 2018 by AFP

Good news! After years of burdensome regulatory red tape, everyday Americans are finally seeing some relief.

The numbers are in: During President Donald Trump’s first year in office, the country saw fewer new federal regulations than any year since 1976 and a 36 percent decline in regulations since 2016.

According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual report surveying the size, scope and cost of federal regulations, the 2017 Federal Register contained 61,308 pages of rulesthe lowest count since 1993.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration presided over the highest level of regulation in U.S. history: 95,894 pages of rules in 2016.

The Trump administration also delayed or repealed more than 1,500 Obama-era regulations. Thanks to the Congressional Review Act, Congress also played a role in the deregulatory process, eliminating 15 rules imposed during Obama’s tenure.

AFP Leadership on Deregulation Efforts

After years of calling for red tape reduction in Washington, Americans for Prosperity praised the Trump administration for strong deregulation efforts to rein in unaccountable federal bureaucracy and wasteful spending last year.

Scaling back out-of-control federal regulations underscores the administration’s commitment to free-market values and empowering everyday Americans.

These regulatory reforms will lead to greater economic growth, opportunity and prosperity throughout the country.

While reforms passed in 2017 were a great start to scaling back the regulatory state, we still have more work to make the United States more competitive.

In the months ahead, AFP will continue to serve as a leading voice for economic freedom and limited government while urging Congress and the Trump administration to continue deregulation efforts.

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