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Tim Phillips and Casey Mattox discuss Supreme Court vacancy and the plan to fill it

Sep 25, 2020 by AFP

With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg late last week, and President Donald Trump’s stated intention to nominate a new justice on Saturday, Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips met with Senior Policy Fellow Casey Mattox over Facebook Live on Thursday to discuss the latest developments.

The two spoke about the life and career of the late Justice Ginsburg, the future of the federal judiciary, and what Americans for Prosperity and its activists would like to see in the next Supreme Court nominee.

To discuss what the role of a good judge on the Supreme Court looks like, Mattox and Phillips first explained what the Court should not do: write the nation’s laws.

“The Supreme Court should not have that kind of power,” Mattox said. “And that’s been unfortunately the history of our country for many years — is moving more and more power toward Washington, D.C., generally, and then largely the Congress handing that power over … and the Court willingly taking a lot of that power on, and writing laws from the bench and not protecting individual rights where they should.”

Mattox spoke about the type of judges the Senate ought to confirm. That judge, Mattox said, should rule according to the text and original meaning of the Constitution — and not their own ideological preferences.

Mattox, quoting other past judicial nominees, put it this way: “If you’re a judge who likes the result in all of your cases, you’re probably not a very good judge,” he said. “And that’s exactly the kind of mentality that you would hope that a judge would bring to cases.”

Phillips urged viewers to prepare for Saturday’s announcement and to ignore divisive rhetoric during an important moment for our country’s highest court.

“Ladies and gentlemen, be ready,” he said. “Casey and his team will dig into it quickly — and let’s make sure that the process works the way it’s supposed to work and that we … push through those voices who make political threats and use rhetoric they shouldn’t be using to question a process that is constitutional and, frankly, the norm.”

Watch the full discussion below to learn more about the important the Supreme Court confirmation process and the proper role of our nation’s highest court. Then tell Senators we need another fair and qualified Supreme Court justice.

AFP Discusses the Supreme Court Vacancy

Join AFP President Tim Phillips and Casey Mattox as they discuss what America needs in a Supreme Court pick and what next steps might look like.

Posted by Americans for Prosperity on Thursday, September 24, 2020