The House of Bidenomics: The Western House Representatives who voted for inflation

Jun 26, 2024 by AFP

Since 2021, inflation has raged like wildfire across the country. Soaring prices consume the checkbooks and savings of millions of Americans.

Why did this happen? Reckless government spending. Washington pumped billions of dollars into the economy, which made your money worth less and your bills go up.

At first, Washington spent trillions during the COVID-19 pandemic; then President Joe Biden added fuel to the fire by authorizing $6 trillion in extra spending thanks in great part to bills like the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure and Jobs Act, the American Rescue Act, and the CHIPS Act.

However, Biden is not the only out-of-touch Washington politician responsible for inflation, he needed Congress’ support to turn Bidenomics from a bad idea into painful reality We already introduced the Bidenomics Five who influenced these laws in the Senate; now, we’ll talk about those who did the same in the House of Representatives.

Pro-Bidenomics lawmakers from the Northeast, Midwest, and West are making your life more expensive with their votes. Some voted for the four Bidenomics bills; others opposed pro-freedom legislation like the Lower Energy Costs Act and House Joint Resolutions condemning Bidenomics policies like the student loan bailout or EPA power grabs.

These lawmakers turned the House of Representatives into the House of Bidenomics, and Americans pay the price daily.

Here are the Western Representatives who voted for Bidenomics:

Rep. Greg Stanton, from Arizona

Stanton staunchly supports the policies that left the American economy in shambles. Thanks to Stanton’s votes for Bidenomics, Arizonans are paying:

  • $3,674 more on food since January 2021
  • $6,117 more on housing since January 2021
  • $5,332 more on energy since January 2021
  • $10,300 more on transportation since January 2021

For Stanton, Bidenomics comes first, and his constituents come second.

Reps. Josh Harder and Mike Levin from California

Josh Harder and Mike Levin are full supporters of Bidenomics. By voting for all four Bidenomics bills, Harder and Levin made life in California even more expensive. Since January 2021, Californians are paying:

  • $3,435 more on food
  • $7,944 more on housing
  • $4,817 more on energy
  • $9,312 more on transportation

Harder and Levin voted for Bidenomics and against Californians.

Rep. Mary Peltola, from Alaska

Bidenomics hit Alaskans hard in the wallet. As a freshman, Peltola did not have a chance to vote for the Bidenomics bills, but she voted down bills that would put America on a path back to prosperity. Peltola supports policies that force Alaskans to pay:

  • $2,976 more on food
  • $6,948 more on housing
  • $5,016 more on energy
  • $10,068 more on transportation

Living in Alaska is already expensive, and Peltola is doing nothing about it.

Rep. Yadira Caraveo, from Colorado

Caraveo’s support for Bidenomics makes it harder for America’s economy to recover. She consistently votes against bills that would make your life more affordable. She supports the policies that caused Coloradans to pay:

  • $3,935 more on food
  • $7,371 more on housing
  • $4,918 more on energy
  • $8,647 more on transportation

Caraveo puts party above people, and her constituents foot the bill every day.

Rep. Gabe Vasquez, from New Mexico

Vasquez’s support of Bidenomics prevents New Mexico from thriving. Although he was elected after the Bidenomics bills passed, Vasquez consistently votes to protect Bidenomics. He votes for the survival of the policies that are costing New Mexicans to pay:

  • $3,402 more on food
  • $6,532 more on housing
  • $5,304 more on energy
  • $8,912 more on transportation

Vasquez’s support for Bidenomics made life more costly for families across New Mexico.​

Reps. Susie Lee and Steven Horsford, from Nevada

Susie Lee and Steven Horsford voted for Bidenomics, and their constituents feel the pinch. Their support for Biden’s economic agenda made inflation worse, and Nevadans now pay:

  • $3,568 more on food
  • $6,606 more on housing
  • $5,321 more on energy
  • $9,145 more on transportation

Lee and Horsford advocate for Bidenomics but not for everyday Nevadans. ​

Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, from Washington

Marie Gluesenkamp Perez’s vocal support for Bidenomics is costly for Washington residents. Although a freshman in Congress, she voted down bills that would get the economy back on track. Gluesenkamp keeps supporting the policies that make Washingtonians pay:

  • $3,721 more on food
  • $6,421 more on housing
  • $5,122 more on energy
  • $8,841 more on transportation

Gluesenkamp Perez’s votes make the lives of her constituents much more expensive.

Did your Representative vote for “Bidenomics?” It’s time to hold your lawmakers accountable for causing this cost-of-living crisis.

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