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Meet the Bidenomics Five: The senators voting for more inflation

May 28, 2024 by AFP

Bidenomics might bear President Biden’s name, but he’s not the only Washington politician responsible for his administration’s disastrous economic policies.

The president cannot act on a whim; the Constitution —thankfully— forbids it To pass his $5.5 trillion (about $17,000 per person in the US) in new spending, Biden needed Congressional support, and, unfortunately for Americans, he got it.

Biden convinced his friends in Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the CHIPS Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act into law. These laws created inflation and made it worse.

Food is 20% more expensive than in the beginning of 2021, gas prices are up, and the average American household is now paying an additional $12,500 per year just to maintain their quality of life.

Senators Bob Casey (D-PA), Jon Tester (D-MT), Jacky Rosen (D-NV), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) played a key role in getting Bidenomics through Congress, voting for excessive government spending, corporate handouts, and more inflation.

They voted for Bidenomics, and their constituents are paying the price. That’s why AFP is holding these “Bidenomics Five” accountable for their votes.

Here’s how the “Bidenomics Five” voted for Biden and against your wallet:


Senator Casey voted for all four Bidenomics bills, fueling government spending and making life more expensive for all Americans. Thanks to his votes, the average Pennsylvanian household is paying:

  • $3,115 more on food since January 2021
  • $3,358 more on housing since January 2021
  • $3,033 more on household energy since January 2021
  • $6,636 more on household transportation expenses since January 2021

Bidenomics dug a $20,591 hole in the pockets of Pennsylvanians, and Senator Casey held one of the shovels.

Casey now blames corporations for soaring prices, but businesses don’t create inflation; government overspending does.

Pennsylvanians are no fools; they know their lives are more expensive thanks to their Senator and Bidenomics.


Senator Tester claims to be a moderate but voted for all four Bidenomics bills. Whenever he has a chance, Tester votes for Bidenomics.

Montanans are feeling the pinch of Tester’s love for Bidenomics every day, with the average Montanan household paying:

  • $3,338 more on food since January 2021
  • $5,539 on housing since January 2021
  • $4,899 on energy since January 2021
  • $9,438 on transportation since January 2021

Montanan households have paid more than $27,530 thanks to Bidenomics and Jon Tester.

Despite his claims of independence, Tester’s votes show he values party loyalty over American prosperity.

Montanans are tired of Bidenomics; they are tired of Jon Tester.


Senator Baldwin strongly supports Bidenomics and government control of the economy. She has consistently voted for more government and less prosperity.

Her record is an economic trainwreck.

Senator Baldwin voted for all four Bidenomics bills, costing Wisconsin:

  • $3,463 more on food since January 2021
  • $3,456 on housing since January 2021
  •  $3,986 on energy since January 2021
  • $8,671 on transportation since January 2021

Baldwin’s support for Bidenomics burdens Wisconsin families with $22,932 in expenses.

Wisconsinites need a senator who prioritizes their prosperity, not one who costs them thousands of dollars.


Senator Rosen is all in with Bidenomics, voting for every single one of those bills. Although she’s just served one term, Nevadans have had enough. Since January 2021, the average household is paying:

  • $3,514 more on food since January 2021
  • $5,830 on housing since January 2021
  • $5,157 on energy since January 2021
  • $9,935 on transportation since January 2021

The cost for Jacky Rosen’s support for Bidenomics is a whopping $28,980 for the average Nevada household.

Just like Biden and Bob Casey, Senator Rosen is taking no responsibility over her actions and is blaming corporations for inflation. But we all know that it was her votes that helped crank up those prices.


Sherrod Brown is a true believer in top-down control of the economy. For 17 years he’s been pushing for more government control and less economic freedom in Congress. His record in Bidenomics is no different.

Senator Brown enthusiastically supported all four Bidenomics bills, costing Ohioans:

  • $3,401more on food since January 2021
  • $3,393 on housing since January 2021
  • $3,914 on energy since January 2021
  • $8,515 on transportation since January 2021

Thanks to Brown and Bidenomics, Ohioan families are paying $22,519 more than they did four years ago.

Brown claims to fight for working Americans, but his policies cost Ohio families thousands while lining the pockets of big corporate cronies.

Bidenomics brings debt, hardship, and record-high inflation to millions of Americans. It is time for the people to hold the politicians who voted for Bidenomics accountable.

It’s time to stop Bidenomics.