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More state bailouts are a waste of taxpayer dollars

Sep 2, 2020 by AFP

Coronavirus – and the government response to it – is still an ongoing concern around the country.

Families remain focused on things like the health of the economy and making sure their kids are educated. When it comes to action in Congress, they’re counting on elected officials to act responsibly: to work to suppress the virus, encourage economic recovery, and prepare for the next crisis.

Instead, many officials in Washington are still stubbornly trying to pass a massive bailout of mismanaged state and local governments.

Congress and the Federal Reserve acted months ago to provide unprecedented amounts of financial assistance to state and local governments whose revenues were affected by the pandemic. Those funds still have not been entirely spent.

It has also become clear that sales tax and other revenues that state governments depend on are rebounding, helping improve the fiscal situation for states such as California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and others.

There’s no reason to approve another trillion dollars in taxpayer money for states that have refused to budget responsibly for years. Nevertheless, that’s the top priority for far too many in the nation’s capital.

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