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Key Vote Alert: Vote YES on S.Amdt.1232, the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act

Oct 25, 2023 by AFP

Dear Senators,

On behalf of millions of Americans for Prosperity activists in all 50 states, I urge you to support S.Amdt.1232 to S.Amdt.1092, the bipartisan, bicameral Prevent Government Shutdowns Act, by Senator James Lankford. This amendment would restore the federal government’s pre-Carter Administration practice of automatically continuing appropriations (“auto CRs”) until new appropriations bills are enacted. It would support a more inclusive budget process, strongly encourage Congress to complete appropriations bills quickly, and help Congress focus on solving problems for the American people like inflation, low growth, and excessive debt instead of merely avoiding shutdowns.

I urge you to vote YES on S.Amdt.1232 to S.Amdt.1092, the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act. Americans for Prosperity may include this vote in our congressional scorecard.

For 191 years starting with the first Congress, a lapse in appropriations did not mean a shutdown. The Carter Administration created the possibility of shutdowns in 1980, which expanded White House leverage over Congress. In most years, the dynamics of shutdown politics have driven the appropriations process toward a holiday-backed omnibus appropriations act that involves few members and shields wasteful spending and controversial policy changes from challenge. States with comprehensive auto CRs like Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and North Carolina finish their processes much sooner than Congress does and without programmatic disruptions.

Congress has an opportunity to strengthen its power of the purse, to support a more deliberative, timely, and value-added appropriations process, and to end the threat of shutdown-driven disruptions to important federal services for the American people.

S.Amdt.1232 to S.Amdt.1092, the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act, would require members of Congress to stay in Washington, D.C., to focus on completing the appropriations process. It would automatically continue appropriations until Congress and the president enact new appropriations legislation. This would push Congress to enact new funding allocations sooner each fiscal year than the 152-days-late average of the last twenty years. This auto CR would also avoid interrupting important defense, border security, and other federal activities.

It is for these reasons we urge you to vote YES on S.Amdt.1232 to S.Amdt.1092, the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act.


Brent Gardner
Chief Government Affairs Officer
Americans for Prosperity