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Kentucky is Now a Right-to-Work State!

Jan 6, 2017 by AFP

It’s official: Kentucky just joined the right-to-work revolution.

With the support of Americans for Prosperity, and despite union bosses’ desperate last-minute actions, right-to-work legislation was just passed by the Kentucky legislature and signed into law by Gov. Matt Bevin.

This new law frees every employee from being forced to join a union and pay part of their hard-earned paycheck to an organization they may not support. This means more freedom, more choices, and more jobs for Kentucky workers.

Since 2014, Americans for Prosperity and more than 26,000 Kentucky activists advocated for this law. In an effort to support job growth and opportunities for every worker who calls our state home, AFP Kentucky staff and volunteers made of 473,000 phone calls and knocked on over 45,000 doors in 2016 alone.

Kentucky is the 27th state to pass right-to-work legislation, allowing the state to compete with its neighbors for jobs and opportunities and growth. It is the last state in the South and the first state of 2017 to pass such a law, following Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and West Virginia since 2012. Missouri is expecting to consider similar legislation in the coming weeks.

Americans for Prosperity staff and volunteers thank Gov. Bevin and state lawmakers for putting Kentucky’s workers ahead of special interests.