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Budget & Spending

ICYMI: Trump, Biden should reject big spending and focus on real coronavirus relief

Oct 22, 2020 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips | Op-Ed for The Hill

President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden will meet today for their last debate before the election, and it’s a good bet they’ll bicker about who’s to “blame” for the lack of another massive coronavirus package from Congress. But that argument completely misses the point.

Congress has already appropriated trillions of taxpayer dollars as a result of the coronavirus. Despite more than $1.7 trillion of the COVID-19 response spending not even yet disbursed, politicians are proposing to spend trillions more. But while throwing money at problems might earn headlines in beltway media, there are three policy reforms Congress can pass right now that will help Americans recover stronger, without costing an arm and a leg.

First, Congress should provide liability protection to businesses, hospitals, schools and charities that follow coronavirus guidelines.

Second, patients should be given more power to control their own health care by expanding access to health savings accounts and making permanent many of the temporary waivers of pointless rules that restrict access to care.


Third, Congress should take this opportunity to repeal the unnecessary and costly regulations that always harm economic growth, but take a particularly heavy toll now.

These steps could make a big difference in allowing America to recover stronger. But because the debate is taking place in Washington, the focus isn’t on inexpensive and effective steps. It’s on a big and costly number.


For years we have seen bad public policy enacted in Washington by politicians who believe that spending other people’s money makes them generous. We need to change that mindset — and it can start right away, with real reforms that will deliver real benefits to the American people. I’d encourage both President Trump and Vice President Biden to take that message to heart, starting now.

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