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ICYMI: Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Advocates for Flat Tax at Capitol

Apr 28, 2023 by AFP

Tax reform can boost Wisconsin’s future, provide long-term tax relief

MADISON, WI–On Tuesday, Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin (AFP-WI) and numerous small business owners advocated at the Capitol in favor of a flat individual income tax rate and eliminating the personal property tax.

The Wisconsin State Senate Committee on Universities and Revenue held a public hearing on Senate Bill1, Establishing a Flat Individual Income Tax Rate, and Senate Bill 2, Eliminating the Personal Property Tax. Activists and small business owners from across the state joined AFP-WI to testify in support of these important bills, and AFP-WI submitted comments advocating for these needed reforms.

AFP-WI State Director Megan Novak submitted the following comments in support of SB. 1:

“A flat tax would move many thousands of small businesses in the state from a 7.65% income tax to a 3.25% income tax, enough to allow Wisconsin to compete for jobs and new families.

“Our individual tax rates are uncompetitive at best, and hostile at worst. In fact, only nine states in this country have an income tax rate higher than our 7.65% top rate that so many small businesses pay right now.

“The Legislature has the opportunity to transform Wisconsin for the better with Senate Bill 1 for generations to come.”

AFP-WI State Director Megan Novak also submitted the following comments in support of SB. 2:

“Wisconsin businesses are essential to our state’s economy. With the vast majority of our state’s businesses being small businesses, the time has come to repeal the unfair personal property tax.

“With an average-at-best start up and business climate, repealing this tax is a positive step forward for our state to improve entrepreneurship in Wisconsin, allowing more of our citizens to live out their version of the American dream.

“The Legislature has the chance to make a positive impact on our economy and for businesses across the state by repealing this antiquated, unequal, and simply unnecessary tax.”

AFP-WI was joined on Tuesday by small business owners who testified in favor of a flat tax for all Wisconsinites:

“A flat tax system would incentivize hard work and grow the economy by bringing an increase to the work force, help create more small business startups, and free up needed capital for business owners to investment in growing their business,” said Thomas Rocque, Owner of Rocque Ridge Guides & Outfitters, LLC in Holcombe.

“I believe Wisconsin can implement a low, flat income tax rate with great success and see significant growth in our economy because of it,” said Miranda Hinderman, small business owner from Dickeyville.

“A flat tax would make things more predictable, efficient, and simpler all around,” said Mike Small, Handyman Business Owner from Waukesha.

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