Americans for Prosperity Press Release

ICYMI: AFP-PA Activists Protest President’s Spending Agenda

Mar 9, 2023 by AFP

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—Today a dozen activists affiliated with Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) organized a demonstration opposing more federal spending and increased taxes outside the Finishing Trades Institute where President Biden gave his annual budget address.s referring to the Biden Administration’s inflationary tax and spending policies. AFP-PA State Director Ashley Klingensmith explained the group’s objections to the President’s spending agenda, “Pennsylvanians are tired of more of the same from the Biden Administration. More government spending, a promise to increase taxes—this will inevitably fall on the middle class.”

Activist Linwood Holland said “I came out today because AFP makes sure the people have a voice and are seen. We understand the threats of this budget when it comes to high inflation. I’ve had enough of it and appreciate having the chance to share that message with Philadelphians.”

Earlier today AFP introduced its policy framework as a resource for lawmakers to balance the budget and end the cycle of dysfunction associated with Washington’s broken budget process.