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How Rescission Can Curb Spending: A Recap

May 22, 2018 by AFP

Congress isn’t exactly known for its frugality or responsible spending.

The recent $1.3 trillion omnibus package is an obvious example.

As a result of the measure’s passage, total federal spending this year will reach $4.1 trillion, with the greatest spending coming from entitlement programs.

If Congress does not take immediate action, the deficit will hit $1.5 trillion in the next decade.

Thankfully, funding approved through the omnibus bill has not yet been spent.

Congress still has an opportunity to reduce the growing debt – by passing President Trump’s proposed rescission package.

These cuts to discretionary would be a positive first step toward responsible federal spending – and the least lawmakers in Washington could do ahead of the next federal budget deadline.

Americans for Prosperity recently released a report highlighting more than $45 billion in wasteful spending increases from the omnibus bill that could be eliminated through rescission.

Congress must act now — while the opportunity still exists — to pass a rescission package that will slow the growth in spending while saving current and future generations of taxpayers billions.

By starting with the passage of President Trump’s proposed rescission package, lawmakers can show they are serious about tackling overspending.

This in turn will set the stage for more meaningful reforms ahead of the FY 2019 budget.

It’s time to get federal spending under control.  Tell Congress to pass President Trump’s rescission package as soon as possible!