Florida Billboard 3/22/2019

Mar 22, 2019 by AFP

This week, we continued to advocate in Tallahassee for education policy that provides more families with opportunity to customize their child’s education. As HB 7075 moved forward to the Appropriations Committee,  we continue to work with both the House and the Senate toward advancing solutions that expand educational opportunity. On Tuesday, César Grajales testified on SB 7070, legislation that would reduce the waitlist for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. Both bills are great initial steps toward ensuring that every family has the freedom to choose the education that best fits their child’s individual needs.

In our efforts to expand access to health care, HB 21 went up for a vote on Thursday and passed with a 77-33 vote. In Senate, SB 1712 was slated to be voted on in committee this past Monday, but due to the lack of support from Senator Hooper and Senator Bean has been tabled for a later date. Contact Senators Hooper and Bean, as well as the rest of the committee, and let them know you support making health care accessible and affordable by doing away with unnecessary certificate-of-need laws!

Also making strides this week, Senator Rob Bradley supported SB 82, which gives property rights back to Floridians to grow gardens in their own yards. For more information on AFP-FL and our positions our current legislation, click here.


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