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‘Bidenomics’ Takes Center Stage in Upcoming Ohio Primary

Mar 13, 2024 by AFP

Columbus, OH – With one week until the state’s primary election, Americans for Prosperity-Ohio (AFP-OH) is highlighting how the Biden Administration’s disastrous “Bidenomics” agenda continues to harm Ohio families.

“Bidenomics has become a catch-all phrase for the terrible economic policies being unapologetically pushed by President Biden and Washington politicians,” said AFP-OH State Director Donovan O’Neil.  “Whether it’s record-high inflation or skyrocketing food prices, Ohio families are struggling to pay for everyday essentials.  The worst part is that politicians like Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown are gaslighting the American people by telling them the economy is great.  Ohioans will reject the failed policies of Biden and Brown, and we are confident they will send a clear message this November.”

Americans for Prosperity-Ohio spent the last several months traveling throughout the Buckeye State to speak with Ohioans who are being harmed by the Bidenomics agenda.  AFP-OH held 30 events in large and small communities to provide discounts to local residents on groceries, gas, and dining.  In total, more than $30,000 in inflation-relief discounts was provided to Ohioans.  More events are scheduled this spring and summer.

At these events, hundreds of Ohioans shared how they are having to spend less, cut back, and make sacrifices to live, work, and raise their families:

Sophia from Sylvania said: “On average, my family is spending about $300 more a month on groceries.”

Andrew from Blanchester said: “My electric bill was $200 higher, and I supplemented my heat with woodburning stoves.”

To bring accountability to Washington, D.C., politicians who are pushing the Bidenomics agenda, AFP-OH launched ads against Senator Sherrod Brown and Representatives Emilia Sykes (OH-13), Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), and Greg Landsman (OH-01).  The ads highlight Biden’s reckless spending agenda, which has resulted in 17.9% higher prices and requires the average household to pay over $11,400 more each year just to maintain the same quality of life as when Biden took office.

“Instead of creating an economy that can lift up Ohioans, Joe Biden and politicians like Sherrod Brown have gone on a full-fledged government spending spree and ushered in policies that put a financial strain on families.  We’re going to continue to leverage our grassroots network so that every Ohio voter knows who is responsible,” O’Neil said.

In addition to the ads, Americans for Prosperity also launched to show the American people why Bidenomics is bad economics.