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Americans for Prosperity Co-Hosts Rally for Education Freedom

Jan 24, 2018 by AFP

On Tuesday, Americans for Prosperity joined Gov. Phil Bryant, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, Speaker Philip Gunn and over a thousand students, parents, and teachers in the State Capitol to send a simple message for lawmakers: education freedom means a brighter future for our kids.

“Leaders, you have an opportunity to expand education freedom in Mississippi and change lives,” said Russ Latino, the Mississippi state director of Americans for Prosperity. “Choice is about recognizing that there isn’t a single option that is the best option for all children.”

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Latino said students shouldn’t be trapped in a one-size-fits-all system that doesn’t meet their needs. “Kids don’t care whether their school is labeled public or private,” he told the crowd. “They don’t care who is in control. Kids care if their learning environment fosters creativity, if it’s safe, if it’s happy.”

Gov. Bryant joined the calls for more education opportunity. He said his administration wants to “give these students freedom and give these parents choices.”

Lt. Gov. Reeves said Mississippi lawmakers should make education policy decisions based on what’s best for students. “When we talk about funding it’s [not] about funding a school system, not even about funding a school, it’s about providing funding for every single child in Mississippi,” he said.

Reeves said he supports education freedom because it gives every kid a chance. “It should not matter what your zip code is, nor should it matter what your mom and dad do or don’t do for a living, every kid in our state deserves an opportunity for success.”

This year, Mississippi lawmakers have several chances to expand eligibility for education savings accounts. So far, the current program is wildly successful.Over 90 percent of the participating families say they’re satisfied with the personalized education their child is receiving.

But the program is also severely limited. Expanding ESAs will empower more families to choose the education that meets their child’s unique needs, talents and learning styles.

The families, students and teachers who attended made their voices heard. If you support education freedom, now’s your time to speak up.Send an email to your lawmaker today urging them to expand ESAs so more Mississippi students can succeed.