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Americans for Prosperity-Virginia Breaking Barriers: 2021 Legislative Session Priorities

Jan 12, 2021 by AFP

Get People Back to Work Safely

Virginia has rightfully earned its business-friendly reputation as a right-to-work state. These laws have allowed countless Virginians to build their American Dream, small businesses to prosper, welcoming new residents, and spurring economic growth year after year. Especially during a period of economic hardship, it is vital that the General Assembly preserve the policies that have allowed for economic opportunity, built Virginia’s positive reputation for business, and continue our trajectory as a nation-wide leader.

Independent Contracting:
The flexibility of these careers enables thousands of private contractors to work and provide vital goods and services to millions of Virginians. Independent contracting has also allowed for many displaced workers to provide for their families throughout the pandemic. Our activists will encourage their lawmakers to stop any misguided proposal that could strip Virginians of their ability to choose flexible work through independent contracts.

Right to Work:
Virginia’s workers are protected by right-to-work laws that prevent workers from paying union dues without their consent. Workers should not have to pay union fees as a condition of employment. Because of right-to-work laws, people have more freedom to choose how they spend their paychecks. Legislators should protect workers in Virginia by voting against any attack on right-to-work status in Virginia.

Care for the Commonwealth

We strive to create a health care system that delivers accessible and affordable care so people can live healthier lives. Providers should compete to offer the best health care products and services at the best prices to meet patients’ needs. We firmly believe that temporary reforms such as this one enacted in the wake of COVID-19 that helped us achieve this vision should be permanent.

Certificate of Public Need:
AFP will work with lawmakers to permanently remove the existing certificate of public need laws (COPN). During the pandemic, many states, including Virginia, temporarily removed these restrictions and saved lives. Permanently removing COPN will ensure better access to quality care for all Virginians.

Justice for All

We support an effective criminal justice system that protects people and preserves public safety while removing barriers to opportunity for people with criminal records and ensures equal justice for all under the law.

Policing Reform:
Recent tragedies and civil unrest continue to show the need for policing reform in Virginia. Many positive strides were made during the special session to change policing culture while protecting public safety. Still, protections such as qualified immunity for public employees to continue to prevent justice from being applied equally. We will continue to push for equal application of the law by removing exemptions for public employees.

Virginia State Director
JC Hernandez

Benjamin J. Knotts
Legislative Liaison