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Americans for Prosperity – Utah Opposes Salt Lake City Stadium Subsidies

Feb 26, 2024 by AFP

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Americans for Prosperity – Utah (AFP-UT) will oppose a new bill in the state House of Representatives that would provide public funding in the ballpark of $900 million in taxpayer dollars toward the construction of a professional baseball stadium and entertainment complex in Salt Lake City if a Major League Baseball (MLB) team comes to the state.

AFP-UT is organizing a grassroots campaign to urge lawmakers against supporting the package, which would impose new local taxes and a statewide hotel tax increase. The bill is a familiar scheme that has failed in dozens of U.S. cities who paid – and are still paying for – stadiums.

Kevin Greene, state director for AFP-UT, gave the following statement: 

“This bill is a lose-lose for Utah taxpayers, who will face higher taxes and fewer public services as a result. The MLB hasn’t even made an offer for an expansion team in Utah yet. While every Utahn would be excited for new sports teams, the wealthy sports franchises who want new stadiums should foot the bill themselves. If a billion dollars of hardworking families’ money is the price to play ball, Utah shouldn’t play the game at all.” 


Greene argued against Utah subsidizing professional sports teams in an op-ed for The Salt Lake Tribune earlier this month, calling on lawmakers to instead cultivate a pro-growth economic environment that’s friendly to outside investments.