Americans for Prosperity Press Release

Americans for Prosperity-NH Endorses Next Wave of State Legislature Candidates

Jul 29, 2022 by AFP

Concord, NH—Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today announced its second wave of state legislature candidate endorsements, bringing the organization’s total legislative endorsements to 29.

AFP-NH is endorsing and supporting candidates committed to policies that break down barriers that block opportunities and prevent people from reaching their full potential, such as excessive and wasteful government spending, harmful regulations, and high taxes.

The organization will leverage its network of volunteer activists to support endorsed candidates and educate voters using one of the nation’s most advanced targeting and outreach capabilities.

AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore issued the following statement:

“We are proud to endorse these great candidates who, when elected to the state legislature, will strengthen the New Hampshire Advantage. These candidates understand what makes New Hampshire special and will continue to get government out of the way and ensure New Hampshire remains the freest state in the country.”


House Speaker Sherm Packard (Rockingham-16)

As Speaker of the House, Sherm Packard’s efforts were key to the passage of Education Freedom Accounts. He has also worked on labor reforms, whipping votes on right-to-work. Packard demonstrated his coalition-building abilities by bringing together a diverse caucus to pass the most pro-liberty state budget in the country. Packard has supported health care policies that protect personal options and lower costs.

Tom Mannion (Hillsborough-01)

Tom Mannion will support labor policies that help to maintain a low unemployment rate: supporting right-to-work legislation and occupational licensing reforms. He will support criminal justice reforms that protect rights and increase public safety, such as improving civil asset forfeiture policies and preventing overcriminalization that distracts law enforcement from focusing on serious crime.

Mackenzie Brisson (Strafford-03)

Mackenzie Brisson knows from personal experience with individualized education the importance of giving students access to educational opportunities that best meet their individual needs and supporting more education options for families. Additionally, she will support requiring a supermajority of the legislature to increase taxes and occupational licensing reforms to expand job opportunities and business creation.

Katy Peternel (Carroll-06)

In the state legislature, Katy Peternel will advocate for policies that expand education freedom for New Hampshire families, increasing opportunities for children to receive the type of education that meets their individual needs. Peternel, a former nurse with an extensive background in the health care field, will advance policies that increase personal health care options at lower costs.

Lawrence Borland (Carroll-06)

Dr. Lawrence Borland will bring a wealth of medical experience to the state legislature, helping to advance a personal approach to health care that expands access to quality care at more affordable prices. Dr. Borland will be an advocate for New Hampshire taxpayers by supporting the quick elimination of the Interest & Dividends Tax.

Yury Polozov (Merrimack-10)

Yury Polozov has a strong interest in advancing regulatory sandboxes—especially in technology—and is interested in promoting technology innovations within New Hampshire. He opposes special tax incentives that favor well-connected businesses and special interests. He supports legalizing cannabis for responsible adult-use and reforming overcriminalization policies that distract police from focusing on violent crimes.

Forrest Osterman (Rockingham-19)

Forrest Osterman has experience in the technology sector and has a keen interest in expanding technology opportunities in New Hampshire. He supports reforming occupational licensing regulations that stand in the way of good-paying jobs and business creation. He will stand with taxpayers over the special interests by denying special tax benefits to well-connected companies.

Former State Rep. Elizabeth Ferreira (Hillsborough-05)

As a former state representative, Elizabeth Ferriera has a record of supporting important reforms to criminal justice, civil asset forfeiture, and occupational licensing related to re-entry. Ferreira has strongly supported deregulating residential housing and reducing regulatory licensing in the craft brewing and automotive industries.

Former State Rep. Michael Costable (Carroll-08)

Michael Costable has supported policies that reform occupational licensing. As a former representative, he voted against unnecessary licensure for art therapists and has championed fiscal responsibility and reducing the financial burden on taxpayers. Costable also supported legislation to reduce government overreach, such as eliminating sobriety checkpoints and eliminating emissions tests.

Former Rep. J.R. Hoell (Merrimack-27)

Former Rep. J.R. Hoell played a key role in pushing for major occupational licensure reform. His leadership in efforts to reform occupational rules is vital in shifting the role of government on these issues. Hoell has demonstrated an ability to build coalitions focused on advancing fiscal responsibility and sound spending policies, working to found the New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus, and delivering a state budget in 2017 that reduced numerous taxes.