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Americans for Prosperity: After State Supreme Court Punts, Legislature Must Act to Protect South Carolinians

Sep 14, 2022 by AFP

State Supreme Court ruled civil forfeiture laws can stay unless Legislature passes reforms

COLUMBIA, SC — Americans for Prosperity – South Carolina (AFP-SC) called for the Legislature to act, after the State Supreme Court upheld the state’s civil forfeiture laws. These laws allow law enforcement and the courts to seize property without charging or convicting anyone with a crime.

AFP-SC State Director Candace Carroll released the following statement: 

“Today’s ruling means South Carolinians will continue to have their due process rights denied. It is well established that civil forfeiture is often used as a funding mechanism for law enforcement agencies across South Carolina, requiring officers to use time and resources to seize and collect small amounts of cash and property, leaving less time to focus on serious crime. With violent crime surging in the Palmetto State, we need to fund police through a more consistent source of revenue that doesn’t take time away from preventing and solving violent crime. AFP is committed to abolishing these unjust laws. When the legislature returns, they must act swiftly to protect all South Carolinians from this rampant abuse.”