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Labor Department impedes President Joe Biden's goals of attracting top AI talent

Labor Department impedes President Joe Biden’s goals of attracting top AI talent

Nov 2, 2023 by AFP

The Biden Administration recently announced several policy changes that intend to streamline visa processes for experts in artificial intelligence fields.

While Americans for Prosperity supports efforts to attract and retain top talent from around the world, we believe that the Department of Labor’s failure to address ballooning processing times will greatly undermine these objectives.

Before President Biden assumed office, the Department of Labor took roughly 10 months to approve green card petitions for skilled workers.

Today, such employees are now waiting over 16 months. Although such approval processes were initially designed to protect the economic interests of U.S. and foreign workers alike, these growing delays undermine these objectives by making it harder for employees to switch jobs and advance in their companies.

To ensure that Americans fully benefit from these new initiatives, we urge the Department of Labor to eliminate wasteful practices that have exacerbated these crisis level processing times.