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AFP Urging Congress to Pass Right to Try Legislation

Jan 8, 2018 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity is urging Congress to pass legislation that would allow thousands of terminally ill patients to access potentially life-saving treatment and medication. Known as Right to Try, this federal legislation would give hope to families and patients facing the direst circumstances.

AFP is partnering with Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce to highlight the importance of this legislation and is calling on Congress to seize this crucial opportunity to save lives.

In a letter to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden delivered today, Americans for Prosperity wrote:

“Easing the regulatory burden on terminally ill patients and their families is a commonsense and a bipartisan proposal, which is why more than 38 states have approved their own version of Right to Try laws, many with unanimous support of state legislatures. Still, federal legislation is needed to ensure that the FDA, or any other federal agency, not interfere with the implementation of state-passed laws. A change to federal policy is also needed for those terminally ill patients who are unable to travel to a Right to Try states.”

Click below to watch a new digital ad, “PASS RIGHT TO TRY.”

View the press release on the campaign here.

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