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Americans for Prosperity – Texas Launches ‘Seuss Style’ Marketing Campaign in Support of Education Savings Accounts Legislation

Apr 13, 2023 by AFP

AUSTIN, TX – As the Texas Legislature considers legislation that would implement Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) in the state, Americans for Prosperity-Texas (AFP-TX), announced plans to run a full scale marketing campaign in support of ESAs. The AFP-TX campaign will include radio, mail, digital ads, billboards, and peer to peer outreach. AFP-TX is a strong proponent of educational freedom, school choice, and ESAs, which allow families to use a portion of their tax dollars to help pay for certain, pre-approved educational expenses for their child, including: home school, private school, public school, religious school, or charter school tuition, tutoring, and additional school supplies and resources. 

Genevieve Collins, Director of Americans for Prosperity Texas, issued the following statement:

“I am very excited for AFP-TX to launch a comprehensive, positive, solution-oriented campaign to inspire parents, and all Texans, to share their voice with lawmakers on why Education Savings Accounts would make a meaningful impact and real difference in their lives. 

“At AFP-TX, we believe that parents should be the primary decision makers in their child’s education. Our state must provide better than a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t cut it for many families. We believe in freedom and giving more parents and students the opportunity to choose the school that’s right for them. 

“We need to invest in students. We need to invest in Texans. And we need to give all children access to the school of their choice so we can create the confident leaders of tomorrow.”

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