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AFP Rebukes Administration’s Spending During Biden Visit to Philly

Oct 13, 2023 by AFP

Nation’s Largest Grassroots Group Critical of Picking Winners and Losers with Taxpayer Funds

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—Today President Biden visited Philadelphia for the 8th time this year, once again to promote his failed “Bidenomics” agenda and announce $7 billion in federal grants to new hydrogen hubs in the tri-state area and Appalachia.  

According to reports, one hub, known as MACH2—or the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub—which will include facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, received $750 million in taxpayer funding.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s largest grassroots organization criticized the grants, part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure package passed in 2021. State directors for AFP in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware criticized the President’s announcement.

AFP-PA State Director Ashley Klingensmith said:

“These clean hydrogen hubs, just like the innovation hubs the President was promoting over the summer, are simply more of the command-and-control central planning that we’ve come to expect from President Biden. He’s spending billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize his administration’s preferred energy sectors while strangling others.

“It’s also suspect that he’s awarding these taxpayer funded grants in states that are critical to his reelection. This is the Biden Administration attempting to bribe voters with their own money. In the end, it only leads to more inflation, which is making life unaffordable across the country.”

AFP Northeast Regional director Ross Connolly, who works in New Jersey and Delaware added:

“Biden’s actions prove how out of touch this administration really is. Choosing to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on government handouts rather than return them to where they belong—in the pockets of hardworking taxpayers—is bad economic policy and leaves Americans worse off.

“Instead of using the heavy hand of government to choose winners and losers, it’s time this administration focuses on making life more affordable for Americans and work toward real solutions that relieve hardworking taxpayers from the harmful effects of ‘Bidenomics’.”


Unleashing energy abundance with an “all of the above approach” is a key element of AFP’s plan to fight inflation and make life more affordable for everyday Americans who are suffering from today’s higher cost of living.