AFP-PA Fact Checks “Bidenomics” as President Biden Returns to Philadelphia Area

Mar 8, 2024 by AFP

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—Today, President Biden returned to the Philadelphia area for his first campaign stop after delivering his annual State of the Union Address.

Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) held an event to educate Philadelphians in north east Philly about how “Bidenomics” has made life more expensive.

As President Biden traveled to Delaware County, AFP-PA Deputy State Director Emily Greene issued the following statement:

“President Biden’s rhetoric continues to defy reality and it shows how out-of-touch he is with hardworking Pennsylvanians who are making sacrifices just to make ends meet. In his State of the Union Address last night and in his campaign stops today, President Biden repeats the lie that his ham-fisted economic policies are bringing prices down. The reality is that prices are up almost 18 percent! You can check the facts yourself at”

AFP-PA Philadelphia-area Grassroots Engagement Director Roslyn Williams added:

“The American Dream was born here in Philly. But the sad fact is that the American Dream has never been more out of reach for Philadelphians. Gas prices, groceries, just heating your home, costs more than ever before. That’s why AFP-PA is working to connect Philadelphians to the real reason that everything is more expensive and it’s down to “Bidenomics”.


This week, Americans for Prosperity launched an eight-figure campaign to set the record straight on “Bidenomics” with the launch of

The effort follows a recent ad campaign by the grassroots group to hold lawmakers accountable for voting for unchecked government spending that has directly contributed to the inflation eating into Americans’ paychecks. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and Representatives Susan Wild (PA-07), Matt Cartwright (PA-08), and Chris Deluzio (PA-17) are included in this accountability campaign.