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AFP-PA Challenges VP Harris to Shed Misleading Rhetoric on Cost of Living

Apr 8, 2024 by AFP

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—Today Vice President Kamala Harris visited the City of Brotherly Love for the second time this year.

AFP-PA Deputy State Director Emily Greene issued the following statement as the Vice President talked about the Biden Administration’s plan to lower costs:

“If the Administration is genuine about lowering costs, it first needs to first acknowledge the source of rising prices.

“The Biden-Harris Administration needs to admit responsibility for a spending agenda that has ratcheted up prices on everything from groceries to energy. It’s time to shed the misleading rhetoric and be honest with us. Inflation is the hidden tax that everyone pays for reckless government spending. The American Rescue Plan, the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS Act created an inflationary spiral, and the Federal Reserve’s only recourse to try and control that spiral is to raise interest rates, which makes it even harder for Pennsylvanians to start businesses, buy homes, and pursue their American Dream.”