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AFP-NH to President Biden: “The New Hampshire Advantage Beats ‘Bidenomics’”

Mar 11, 2024 by AFP

Manchester, New Hampshire—Today, President Biden made his first visit in over a year to the “Live Free or Die” State.

Activists from Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire pushed back against the President’s claims that “Bidenomics” has lowered costs for American families.

Americans for Prosperity Regional Director Greg Moore issued the following statement as the President visited the Granite State:

“Unfortunately, the President’s message is going to fall flat here in New Hampshire. Prices are not getting lower. We heard his plans for more government spending, more taxes, and more regulations in his State of the Union last week. But what Granite Staters already know is that ‘Bidenomics’ doesn’t work. Joe Biden needs to stop trying to blame others for his policy failures and look in the mirror.

“We know how to make life more affordable. The New Hampshire Advantage—lower taxes, less red tape, and responsible government spending—has made New Hampshire the freest state in the nation with outsized economic growth.  Put plainly, the New Hampshire Advantage beats “Bidenomics” and the President could learn a thing or two from us.”



This week, Americans for Prosperity launched an eight-figure campaign to set the record straight on “Bidenomics” with the launch of