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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-NH Issues General Election Endorsements

Oct 4, 2022 by AFP

Manchester, New Hampshire—Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today announced its endorsement of candidates for the state legislature in November’s general election.

The following candidates earned AFP-NH’s endorsement for their commitment to small government that empowers the people of New Hampshire to build fulfilling lives free from government interference:

  • State Rep. Melissa Litchfield (Rockingham-06)
  • State Rep. Deborah Hobson (Rockingham-14)
  • Michael Granger (Strafford-02)
  • State Rep. Glenn Bailey (Strafford-02)
  • Ken Hilton (Strafford-12)
  • State Rep. Jose Cambrils (Merrimack-04)
  • Former State Rep. Keith Murphy (SD-16)
  • Former State Rep. Joanne Ward (Rockingham-12)
  • Former State Rep. Lou Gargiulo (SD-24)

AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore made the following statement after the announcement:

“With candidates like these, the Granite State is in good hands. These candidates are ready and willing to defend and expand the New Hampshire Advantage, which will ensure that taxes remain low, opportunity remains high, and that we continue to lead the nation in freedom.”

AFP-NH is mobilizing its grassroots network to ensure that these candidates emerge victorious on Election Day.


State Rep. Melissa Litchfield (Rockingham-06)

As clerk for the Education Committee, State Rep. Melissa Litchfield has become a policy champion on education. She’s worked productively to build support for the state’s Education Freedom Accounts program. Litchfield also has consistently voted to increase participation in New Hampshire’s workforce by lifting occupational licensing requirements, promoting Right-to-Work reforms, and opposing increases to the state’s Business Profits Tax.

State Rep. Deborah Hobson (Rockingham-14)

State Rep. Deborah Hobson is a member of the Education Committee where she has introduced legislation to expand opportunities for students to find an education that best fits their individual needs. In addition to the work she’s done for students and parents, Hobson has championed taxpayers by opposing the creation of a state income tax, increases to the Business Profits Tax, and voting to repeal the Interest and Dividends Tax.

State Rep. Glenn Bailey (Strafford-02)

State Rep. Glenn Bailey is running for reelection in Strafford-02. A policy champion on labor issues, Bailey has consistently voted to make changes to the state’s labor regulations that would empower more Granite Staters to join the workforce. From Right-to-Work efforts to occupational licensing reforms, Bailey has put worker freedom at the forefront of his work in the legislature. Voters can also rely on him to advance criminal justice reforms that protect civil liberties.

Michael Granger (Strafford-02)

Michael Granger is a pro-freedom candidate running to represent Strafford-02. Active in the community, Granger is motivated to run to support regulatory reforms that get the government out of the way of people and businesses and to remove barriers to employment for workers in the Granite State. Voters can also look to Granger to defend civil liberties and fight to reform pretrial detention, qualified immunity, and civil asset forfeiture.

Ken Hilton (Strafford-12)

Ken Hilton is motivated to run to reform regulations that make it harder for entrepreneurs and small businesses to operate. A licensed master plumber by trade, Hilton is excited to lead on labor and occupational licensing issues to ensure that everyone who wants to work has the opportunity to participate in the workforce. He’s also interested in reducing energy costs for Granite State ratepayers by making reforms to the Site Evaluation Committee.

State Rep. Jose Cambrils (Merrimack-04)

In his first term in office, State Rep. Jose Cambrils has sponsored legislation to oppose carbon taxes and voted to support worker freedom. As an engineer, Cambrils works carefully to fix flawed legislation and pays great attention to the consequences of proposed legislation. Voters can rely on him to oppose tax increases and limit wasteful government spending.

Former State Rep. Joanne Ward (Rockingham-12)

Former State Rep. Joanne Ward is running to return to the state legislature and represent Rockingham-12. She previously served on the Health and Human Services Committee where she opposed efforts to expand Medicaid and opposed the creation of new certificate of need regulations. Outside of her committee work, she was a key voice in building support for right-to-work and voted to expand educational options for New Hampshire students.

Former State Rep. Keith Murphy (SD-16)

Former State Rep. Keith Murphy is running to represent the 16th Senate District. A former state representative, Murphy has proved himself to be a consistent advocate for freedom and limited government. In his time as a state representative, he’s sponsored anti-SLAAP legislation to protect free speech and voted to protect the privacy of politically engaged individuals. As a small business owner, he understands that taxpayer money should never be used to pick winners and losers—instead, governments should remove regulations that make it harder and more expensive to start and grow businesses.

Former State Rep. Lou Gargiulo (SD-24)

Former State Rep. Lou Gargiulo previously served in the New Hampshire State Legislature from 1992-1996. This year he is running to serve in the State Senate where he will champion taxpayers by opposing the creation of a state income tax, fighting for balanced budgets, and phasing out the state’s Interest & Dividends tax. He also supports a state constitutional amendment to require a supermajority to vote on raising taxes. Granite Staters will also be able to rely on Gargiulo to oppose unnecessary regulations on everything from occupational licensing to planning and zoning.