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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP-NH Announces First Wave of Endorsements for State Offices

Jul 18, 2022 by AFP

Concord, NH—Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire (AFP-NH) today announced electoral support for 19 candidates running for state offices.

All 19 candidates stood out as policy champions working to reduce state expenditures, cut taxes, and empower Granite Staters to live out their American Dream, free from government interference.

AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore made the following statement after the announcement:

“AFP-NH is proud to endorse this impressive slate of candidates to serve New Hampshire residents. From making New Hampshire the most hospitable state in New England for businesses and investment, to expanding educational opportunities for students, these candidates are going to keep the Live Free or Die state on its groundbreaking trajectory. These are true policy champions who put in the work to deliver on the New Hampshire Advantage.

“This election cycle, we are going to mobilize our network of grassroots activists and volunteers to elect leaders who will deliver policies that prioritize small government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty.”


Exec. Councilor Dave Wheeler

Exec. Councilor Dave Wheeler is running for reelection in New Hampshire’s 5th District. Councilor Wheeler is a champion on spending and regulatory reform, working to make sure that agency regulations align with legislative intent, while also championing spending constraints that keep the New Hampshire budget balanced and holding agencies accountable for strong performance outcomes.

State Sen. Gary Daniels

State Sen. Gary Daniels is running for reelection in New Hampshire’s 11th District. He serves as Chair of the Finance Committee and also sits on the Capital Budget, Rules, and Ways and Means Committees. A true budget hawk, Daniels has helped reduce wasteful spending, lower taxes and ensure that every student has a chance to find an educational environment that best meets his or her needs.

House Majority Leader Jason Osborne

Majority Leader Jason Osborne is running for reelection in Rockingham 21. In addition to serving as House Majority Leader, Osborne serves as Vice-Chair of the Rules Committee and sits on the Legislative Administration and Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committees. Osborne has opposed corporate welfare. He’s also worked to lead efforts to provide employer tax relief, eliminate New Hampshire’s only income tax and to deliver educational opportunity through education freedom accounts.

Asst. Majority Leader Keith Ammon

Asst. Majority Leader Keith Ammon is running for reelection to represent Hillsborough 42. Ammon is a true taxpayer champion, working to fight corporate welfare and reform property taxes. He has been a leader in ensuring that New Hampshire opens the door for new, innovative, technologies that position the state to be a leader in the new economy.

Majority Whip Jeanine Notter

State Rep. Jeanine Notter is the running for reelection to represent Hillsborough 12. As House Majority Whip, Notter has worked to bring key employer tax relief across the finish line. She also opposes energy policies that would increase energy costs for Granite State ratepayers.

State Rep. Matthew Santonastaso

State Rep. Matthew Santonastaso is running for reelection in Cheshire 18. Santonastaso is a labor reform champion, advocating for worker freedom and occupational licensing reforms that make it easier for workers and businesses to negotiate and broker mutually beneficial contracts.

State Rep. Keith Erf

State Rep. Keith Erf is running for reelection in Hillsborough 28. Erf is a policy champion on taxation, spending, and privacy. He’s introduced legislation to protect consumer data privacy and limit warrantless government surveillance. At the same time, he’s worked to cut taxes and strengthen entitlement programs by reducing wasteful spending.

State Rep. Mark McLean

State Rep. Mark McLean is running for reelection in Hillsborough 15. He is a champion on criminal justice reform, using his position as Vice-Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to push for digital privacy protections and civil asset forfeiture changes that would better protect the civil liberties of Granite Staters.  McLean has also been a leader in expanding health care options for New Hampshire residents.

State Rep. Jim Kofalt

State Rep. Jim Kofalt is an incumbent running for election in Hillsborough 32. He is a champion on health care reform, advocating for market-oriented solutions to expanding access to quality health care in the Granite State.

State Rep. Diane Pauer

State Rep. Diane Pauer is an incumbent running for reelection in Hillsborough 36. She is a champion on tax and labor reform. She has introduced important legislation to reduce taxes and reform occupational licensing laws that would continue to boost New Hampshire’s economy and provide opportunity for Granite Staters to find the careers of their choice.

State Rep. Carol McGuire

State Rep. Carol McGuire is running for reelection in Merrimack 27. She serves as chair for the Executive Departments and Administration and Joint Legislative Rules Committees. From these positions, she has worked hard to reform occupational licensing, eliminate duplicative and burdensome agency regulations, and ensure that the state lives within its means by passing responsible budgets.

Former State Rep. Dan McGuire

Former State Rep. Dan McGuire left office in 2016. He is running again to represent Merrimack 14. He has been a reliable taxpayer and limited government champion, working to keep the state’s spending under control while working to pass employer tax relief.

State Rep. Michael Vose

State Rep. Michael Vose is running for reelection in Rockingham 5. He serves as chair of the Science, Technology, and Energy Committee, where he worked to oppose energy subsidies and mandates. He’s also fought to ensure regulations don’t unduly burden businesses and cosponsored legislation to reduce taxes on businesses.

State Rep. Scott Wallace

State Rep. Scott Wallace is running for reelection in Rockingham 8. From his perch on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee he has advocated for reforms to civil asset forfeiture and overcriminalization that restore due process to Granite Staters.

State Rep. John Potucek

State Rep. John Potucek is running for reelection to represent Rockingham 13. He serves as vice-chairman of the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee, where he has worked to help ease regulatory burdens, lower health care costs, and support employer tax relief.

State Rep. Erica Layon

State Rep. Erica Layon is an incumbent running for election in Rockingham 13. She serves as vice-chair of the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee. She champions health care reforms that will expand access to quality health care in the Granite State. She’s also worked to expand education options for New Hampshire’s students by introducing legislation in support of education freedom accounts.

State Rep. Josh Yokela

State Rep. Josh Yokela is an incumbent running for election in Rockingham 32. He has championed occupational licensing reforms that would make it easier for professionals to have their professional licenses transferred to New Hampshire and encourage greater workforce participation.  He has also been a leader in working to add to privacy protections for Granite Staters and to loosen housing regulations to reduce the housing crisis in New Hampshire.

State Rep. Len Turcotte

State Rep. Len Turcotte is running for reelection in Strafford 4. He has championed worker freedom, occupational licensing reform, and worked to limit government spending and return those savings back to taxpayers. He serves as Senior Advisor to the House Majority Office.

State Rep. Michael Yakubovich

State Rep. Michael Yakubovich is running to represent the 16th Senate District. He is a champion for New Hampshire workers and taxpayers by fighting burdensome occupational licensing requirements, reforming collective bargaining, and voting to reduce taxes that strangle economic growth.