AFP-NC Makes Second Wave of General Assembly Endorsements

Feb 1, 2024 by AFP

Raleigh, North Carolina—Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina (AFP-NC), the largest grassroots organization in the state, announced its second wave of endorsed candidates for the General Assembly today.

The group’s second wave of endorsements includes one candidate for Senate and four candidates for the House, all policy champions committed to promoting freedom and limiting government overreach.

AFP-NC’s first non-incumbent Senate endorsement went to Vicki Harry, candidate for SD-13.

Over on the House side, AFP-NC endorsed incumbents Representative Jeff Zenger (HD-74) and Representative Kevin Crutchfield (HD-82), as well as non-incumbents Mike Schietzelt (HD-35) and Cody Huneycutt (HD-67).

AFP-NC State Director Tyler Voigt gave the following statement after announcing the latest slate of endorsed candidates:

“Over the past several election cycles, AFP-NC has been proud to support policy champions and help them win their races to build a solutions-oriented policy majority that has delivered important wins for North Carolinians, including a huge win for families by expanding the opportunity scholarship. We intend to build on these wins. Our grassroots activists will be visible in our communities to ensure these policy champions go to Raleigh and continue to advance policy solutions that make North Carolina attractive to families and entrepreneurs.”

The 2024 election cycle promises to be the biggest ever for the grassroots organization, which has signaled that it will be getting into races earlier—especially in primary races—to ensure that the most principled and electable candidates are on the general election ballot.

AFP-NC supports endorsed candidates with its unrivaled network of grassroots activists who knock on doors and make phone calls to support candidates. The group also employs a layered approach that utilizes digital and traditional ads and mailers, alongside its signature voter-to-voter contact to help elect principled leaders at every level of government.


Vicki Harry (SD-13)

Vicki Harry is a wife, mother, grandmother, a former teacher, and a small business owner. As a former teacher, Vicki understands that every child is unique, and parents should be able to find the right school for their students, regardless of their family’s income or ZIP code. As a small business owner, Vicki will fight back against overburdensome red tape and taxes that stifle innovation and leave North Carolinians with less money in their pockets.

Mike Schietzelt (HD-35)

Mike Schietzelt is a husband, father, and veteran who is committed to cutting taxes, expanding educational freedom, and shrinking the size of government. Mike believes that families and small business owners know how to best spend their hard-earned dollars, not big government bureaucrats. Mike knows that our education system cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach, that’s why he supports a diversity of options so that every child can reach their full potential. Mike is a fiscal conservative fighter, who is ready to work hard for all North Carolinians.

Cody Huneycutt (HD-67)

A lifelong resident of Stanly County, Cody Huneycutt has spent the better half of the last decade serving as professional staff at the North Carolina General Assembly. As staff, Cody has worked hard on cutting taxes, reducing the size of government, and expanding access to healthcare without raising the cost. When elected, Cody will continue to cut taxes, reduce regulatory red tape, and fight for educational freedom. Cody knows what it takes to get the job done in Raleigh, which makes him the right man for the job.

Representative Jeff Zenger (HD-74)

A previously endorsed AFP-NC policy champion, Representative Zenger day in and day out fights for policies that promote fiscal sanity and limited government. Representative Zenger has championed policies that lower healthcare costs by getting government out of the way, to serving as a primary sponsor on the Regulatory Reform Act of 2023. Representative Zenger’s approach to limiting the scope of government during his time at the General Assembly has resulted in the expansion of school choice, less regulatory burden for small business owners, and more dollars left in our pockets by cutting taxes.

Representative Kevin Crutchfield (HD-82)

Following his election in 2022, Representative Crutchfield came to Raleigh in 2023 and made his presence immediately felt. Serving as the House New Member Leader, Representative Crutchfield played a critical role in passing legislation that empowers families to choose the school that is the best fit for their student’s needs, rolls back unnecessary regulatory burdens, and cut taxes for all North Carolinians.