AFP-NC Issues First Wave of State Legislative Endorsements

Dec 12, 2023 by AFP

Raleigh, North Carolina—Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina (AFP-NC), the largest grassroots organization in the state, announced its first wave of endorsed candidates for the General Assembly today.

The group’s first wave of endorsements includes two state senators and three state representatives, all policy champions with a track record of promoting freedom and limiting government overreach. This is the first of several waves of endorsements the group will make in the coming months as AFP-NC prepares for the 2024 election cycle.

AFP-NC’s first state senate endorsements went to North Carolina Senator Bobby Hanig (SD-01) and North Carolina Senator Michael Lee (SD-07).

Over on the House side, AFP-NC endorsed Reps. Allen Chesser (HD-25), Erin Pare (HD-37), Jarrod Lowery (HD-47).

The 2024 election cycle promises to be the biggest ever for the grassroots organization, which has signaled that it will be getting into races earlier—especially in primary races—to ensure that the most principled and electable candidates are on the general election ballot.

AFP-NC supports endorsed candidates with its unrivaled network of grassroots activists who knock on doors and make phone calls to support candidates. The group also employs a layered approach that utilizes digital and traditional ads and mailers, alongside its signature voter-to-voter contact to help elect principled leaders at every level of government.


Senator Bobby Hanig NC SD-01

Senator Bobby Hanig is a small business owner, a veteran, and a staunch fiscal conservative. Since first running for the North Carolina General Assembly in 2018, Hanig has focused his efforts on lowering taxes, cutting through burdensome red tape, fighting for educational freedom, and expanding access to affordable health care. In 2023, Senator Hanig championed legislation that would lower the income tax rate, repeal certificate of need, and expand school choice to all families in North Carolina.

Senator Michael Lee NC SD-07

Senator Michael Lee serves as the Chairman of the Base Budget Committee as well as the Chairman of the Education Committee. Senator Lee has been the ultimate champion of educational freedom policies here in North Carolina as the primary sponsor of Choose Your School, Choose Your Future, legislation that allows all families in North Carolina access to funds to help their children find the schooling option that is best fit for them. Senator Lee’s free market approach to policy puts North Carolinians first, by keeping big government out of the way and trusting families to select the right education for their children.

Representative Erin Pare NC HD-37

As a small business owner, Representative Pare understands the importance of getting government out of the way. As a member of the Appropriations Committee and the Regulatory Reform committee, Representative Pare has been a leader on lowering taxes and removing unnecessary governmental barriers for small business owners. Representative Pare has been a longtime advocate for school choice, and served as a sponsor on legislation that extends educational freedom to all families in North Carolina.

Representative Allen Chesser NC HD-25

Representative Chesser has proven to be one of the rising stars from the 2023 freshman class in the General Assembly. In such a short period of time he has championed policies that reduce the size of government, expand school choice, and allow patients the freedom to try a diversity of treatments for illnesses and chronic disease. Representative Chesser is a liberty minded, small government champion, who prioritizes individual freedoms.

Representative Jarrod Lowery NC HD 47

Representative Lowery in his first term at the General Assembly made it a priority to help increase access to affordable health care by sponsoring legislation that would repeal certificate of need laws and allow health care providers to practice at the full extent of their training. Representative Lowery is committed to lowering taxes and removing unnecessary governmental barriers.