AFP-NC Calls Out Unaffordable “Bidenomics” Policies as VP Harris, EPA Administrator Regan Visit North Carolina

Apr 4, 2024 by AFP

Charlotte, North Carolina—Today Vice President Harris visited North Carolina to continue propping up the Biden Administration’s climate justice and environmental policy. She was joined by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan.

The visit comes on the heels of the new “tailpipe rule” issued by the Biden Administration last month, which would double down on the Administration’s harmful anti-energy agenda which continues to punish consumers and with higher costs. Rather than taking any meaningful steps to reduce gas prices and improve our energy security, the administration is instead imposing sweeping regulations that would effectively phase out gas-powered vehicles.

Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina State Director Tyler Voigt issued the following statement as the Vice President and Administrator visited:

“This administration keeps telling us that their policies are working, that the pet projects of special interest donors are going to stimulate the economy. But the reality is that through heavy handed rules and budget-busting government spending, the Administration is putting the American Dream out of reach. Just last month, the EPA’s so-called ‘tailpipe rule’ promised to make owning and operating a car more expensive by requiring auto manufacturers to build electric vehicles regardless of what consumers want.

“Make no mistake, this isn’t about the environment. This is about picking winners and losers in the energy sector and making Americans pay the cost. This is just one of the President’s ‘Bidenomic’ policies that’s chipping away at the American Dream—one top-down policy at a time.”