AFP-MI: Whitmer’s proposals won’t reverse concerning state trends

Jan 24, 2024 by AFP

“A state cannot tax-and-spend its way into prosperity,” said Patnaude

Annie Patnaude, state director of the grassroots liberty group Americans for Prosperity-Michigan issued the following statement in response of Governor Whitmer’s State of the State address this evening: 


“To paraphrase Winston Churchill, a state cannot tax-and-spend its way into prosperity. Gretchen Whitmer’s proposals to reverse concerning state trends will be as effective as a man standing in a bucket trying to lift himself up by the handle. 


“Make no mistake though, Governor Whitmer’s proposals will be effective at taking advantage of Michiganders to pad her personal political ambitions and band-aid over her mistakes. 


“Look around at the state of our state. People have left. Children struggle to read and do math. Income and property taxes are up. Personal income has plummeted. Decades of progress have been erased.


“Michigan needs to embrace policies that harness the grit and determination of our families and job creators, not embrace policies that grow dependence on government with expensive schemes that hurt more than they help.


“We need to reward work and entrepreneurship by keeping taxes affordable. We need to empower families to choose the type of education that meets their needs. We need to embrace responsible budgets that effectively focus government resources on core priorities. We need a leader who cares about Michigan more than inking book deals.”