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AFP-MI Issues Statement on Sec. Yellen’s Visit to Detroit

Feb 14, 2024 by AFP

Detroit, Michigan—Today, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited Detroit with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Senator Debbie Stabenow.

 The trio of Democrats met with small businesses to boost “Bidenomics”.

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan State Director Annie Patnaude gave the following statement:

“As Secretary Yellen, Senator Stabenow, and Gretchen Whitmer try to convince Michigan business owners that ‘Bidenomics is working,’ Michiganders continue to struggle to make ends meet. The problem is not, as so-called experts and pundits put it that ‘people don’t understand the economy,’ it’s that Washington doesn’t understand kitchen-table budgeting.

“Secretary Yellen is propping up Joe Biden’s failed policy as she campaigns for the President’s reelection on the taxpayers’ dime. Business owners won’t be fooled. They know that Biden’s economic policies directly caused inflation and that his energy policies have made it more expensive to do business. AFP-MI is working every day between now and November to ensure that Michiganders know who to blame for their shrinking paychecks.”