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AFP-MI Issues Statement on One Year Anniversary of Right to Work Repeal

Feb 12, 2024 by AFP

Lansing, Michigan—Tuesday, February 13 marks one year since Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan legislature repealed Michigan’s Right to Work law, becoming the first state in the nation to claw back rights from private sector workers.

As the repeal goes into effect, Americans for Prosperity Michigan (AFP-MI) State Director Annie Patnaude released the following statement:

“Gretchen Whitmer and her allies in the Michigan legislature wasted no time in telegraphing both the sincerity of their radical agenda and their transparent disrespect for essential freedoms when they moved to repeal the Right to Work last year. As workers lose their right to freely associate and forfeit part of their paychecks in the process, the Governor and her allies continue to advance a radical agenda that will continue to degrade the quality of life and economic outlook of the Great Lake State.

“The Right to Work Repeal was the canary in the coal mine. If left unchecked, Democrats will continue to spend our children’s futures on big-government projects that benefit connected special interests and continue to advance top-down policies that put the American Dream further out of reach.”

“This year, AFP-MI will deploy its considerable talents and resources to mobilize voters to end one-party rule and restore necessary checks and balances in Lansing.”