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AFP-MI Calls Out Whitmer on Playing from the “Bidenomics” Playbook

Aug 30, 2023 by AFP

Lansing, Michigan—Today Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave her “What’s Next” Address, which outlined her agenda for the rest of the year.

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan State Director Annie Patnaude issued the following statement after the governor’s address:

“Today, Michiganders got a preview of ‘What’s Next,’ and unfortunately, it’s more ‘Bidenomics’ and ‘Whitmer-nomics.’ With her narrow majority, Whitmer and her cronies are prepared to ram through as much “Whitmer-nomics” as possible, even though many of these policies are so radical they won’t move in Washington.

“From more paid family leave, to subsidizing more favored industries, Whitmer’s agenda is straight from the ‘Bidenomics’ playbook: more picking and choosing winners and losers, putting more burdens and costs on struggling businesses, and further eroding worker protections. Her energy plan, in particular, is going to impact ratepayers who are already struggling with rising rates as power outages become more and more frequent and disruptive.

“AFP-MI is continuing its 24/7 work to talk to voters and hold lawmakers accountable for sky-high inflation, taxes, and energy prices.”