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AFP-KS Issues Statement on Passage of Latest Tax Plan, Urges Governor Kelly to Not Stand in the Way of Relief for Kansans

Apr 6, 2024 by AFP

TOPEKA, KS—Following a year long effort by Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) and key policy champions to return the state’s budget surplus to hardworking Kansans through a single-rate tax plan, AFP-KS says this weekend’s passage of CCR HB 2036 is a step in the right direction.

While AFP-KS’ polling found a majority of Kansans preferred a simplified, single-rate plan, Governor Kelly vetoed the legislation earlier this year. AFP-KS said it was thankful to the legislators who continued to drive toward fiscal responsibility and partner with us to deliver some much needed tax relief.

AFP-KS State Director, Elizabeth Patton, issued the following statement:

“Our state requires a sustainable tax structure that grows our economy and helps make our state competitive and strong. This bill delivers the first step toward a more competitive Kansas and it’s a win for every taxpayer. Governor Kelly should sign this compromise and make good on her claims to want tax relief for our state. Vetoing another tax bill means she is unserious and uncommitted to the families in our state.

“The previous single-rate tax plans that gave more relief to low-income Kansans were passed throughout this session alone with huge margins, but some legislators put politics over people and Governor Kelly was unwilling to give stronger tax cuts we can afford.

“There is more work to be done to make our state competitive and a place where people can thrive in their business and lives long-term; this is only stop one on the Prosperity Express, we have not yet arrived at its destination. Our state’s budget surplus belongs to the people, and we will never stop fighting to deliver the most relief to Kansans, not the government.”

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