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AFP-KS Applauds Passage of Legislation to Strengthen Accountability for Regulation-Setting Agencies

Mar 6, 2024 by AFP

Topeka, KS—Today, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) is applauding the passage of needed legislation to reign in agencies across Kansas who, while unelected, establish many policies that financially impact hardworking families.

As major proponents of House Bill 2648, AFP-KS established early on in its legislative agenda that Kansas lawmakers should enact legislation authorizing legislative approval of agency regulations on the conditions that have certain financial or economic impacts.

AFP-KS State Director, Elizabeth Patton, made the following statement:

“House Bill 2648 is a significant piece of reform to move Kansas towards a future where economic progress and governmental accountability walk hand in hand. Every Kansan is empowered by HB 2648 by preventing unelected bureaucrats from forcing through costly regulations without properly accounting for how it’ll impact the economy.

“Those who make rules with the force of law must have more accountability. HB 2648 ensures it is the voters that are in control and can help lower costs for Kansans by strengthening agency accountability.”   


In her written testimony submitted to the House Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development, Patton stated that HB 2648 will help bring some much-needed accountability to important agencies by requiring them to consider the true net cost of each proposed regulation and their impacts on every level of Kansas. The legislation will ensure that only those regulations which have been carefully crafted are advanced.