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AFP Keeps Pressure on Lawmakers, Encouraging Congress to Pass Right-to-Try Legislation

Mar 13, 2018 by AFP

The House of Representatives is considering a federal right-to-try bill to give terminally ill patients access to potentially life-saving experimental treatments.

Thirty-eight states currently have right-to-try laws on the books, but there is no federal right-to-try law that extends that access to patients in all states.

In previous weeks, Americans for Prosperity’s grassroots activists have kept pressure on lawmakers in Congress, urging them to act on federal right-to-try legislation.

Now, with right-to-try out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and onto the floor for a vote, the momentum is clear and there is a real opportunity to pass legislation that will give terminally ill Americans access to potentially-life saving treatments.

Passing right-to-try is essential to giving families and patients in dire circumstances the chance to pursue treatments that they otherwise would not be able to access.

There is no time to waste. 

Show your support for federal right-to-try: Tell Congress to pass right-to-try today!