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Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP Commends FCC on Four Years of Progress in Bridging the Digital Divide

Sep 16, 2020 by AFP

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity Senior Tech Policy Analyst Billy Easley II issued the following statement ahead of tomorrow’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversight hearing led by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.

“Chairman Pai and the FCC have spent the last four years closing the digital divide with market-based approaches that connected more Americans to broadband than ever before. Promoting innovation through a technology neutral approach means more American communities will have access to fast, reliable internet services. The strength and resilience of U.S. networks amid the COVID-19 outbreak is a testament to the regulatory environment created by the FCC that enabled internet providers to invest heavily in new internet infrastructure. Instead of trying to find a problem where it doesn’t exist, we encourage the subcommittee to focus on how we can spend the next four years continuing to eliminate the barriers to better connectivity for every American.”

Easley’s colleague at AFP’s partner organization Stand Together, Jesse Blumenthal, wrote in April about how the FCC’s leadership amid the pandemic served as a model for effective governance.