Americans for Prosperity Press Release

AFP: A Laundry List of Longstanding Partisan Priorities That Will Only Make Our Economy Worse

Mar 1, 2022 by AFP

Arlington, VA – In response to President Biden’s first State of the Union Address, AFP President and CEO Emily Seidel issued the following statement:

“On the campaign trail, then-candidate Biden promised to unify America. He reiterated that promise in his inaugural address. But the first year of his presidency was driven by a partisan wish list of top-down, big government policies that have only resulted in more division, painful inflation, energy insecurity, and deep economic concerns across all of America. Polling reflects this – Americans by and large believe our country is on the wrong track.

“Tonight, the President had an opportunity to learn the lessons from the failures of this past year. Instead, he spent much of his speech doubling down.

“President Biden listed – again – a laundry list of longstanding partisan priorities that will only make our economic recovery more difficult. He pledged an economy built from the bottom-up, but then called for a series of top-down, government-controlled policies that would only impose more barriers for every American.

“AFP will continue to work to prevent these policies that take the country in the wrong direction.

“We also stand ready to work with the Administration on policies that empower all people to realize the American dream.

“We applaud President Biden for calling out the false choice between border security and a functioning immigration system. We appreciate his willingness to stand up to the “defund the police” movement – recognizing that public safety and equal justice are complementary goals. And we share his concerns over the terrible track record of caring for our veterans and encourage his administration to enforce the VA MISSION and VA Accountability Acts that seek to remedy this injustice.

“Americans for Prosperity will continue to raise the voices of millions of people to support those policies that help take our country forward, while strongly opposing those misguided policies that don’t.”