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Greg Moore and AFP-New Hampshire join health care roundtable to discuss the Personal Option

AFP-New Hampshire joins health care roundtable to discuss the Personal Option

Apr 18, 2023 by AFP

Greg Moore, state director at Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire, promoted Americans for Prosperity’s Personal Option initiative at a Main Street Freedom Alliance roundtable discussing affordable health care.

Health care is too expensive, complex, and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Americans for Prosperity is committed to making health care affordable, less of a hassle, and transparent. How? With the Personal Option, a doctor-supported plan that puts you in control.

Learn how the Personal Option can bring you the quality care you deserve from the doctors you trust at a price you can afford.

People don’t like high costs, and they don’t like government-run healthcare,” Moore said. “There are other options, like giving everyone a [health savings account].”

You can read NHJournal’s coverage of the roundtable here and learn more about the Personal Option at

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