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Americans for Prosperity-Kansas Congratulates Lily Wu on Wichita Mayoral Victory

Nov 7, 2023 by AFP

AFP-KS made more than 247,000 voter contacts through digital ads, door knocking, mailers, and telephone outreach.

WICHITA, KS—After a competitive election, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) is thrilled to congratulate Lily Wu on her successful endeavor to serve as Wichita’s next mayor.

AFP-KS endorsed Wu as the best candidate to represent the state’s largest city early on. While AFP-KS grassroots activists have worked in the state for many years, this was the first mayoral election the group engaged in due to its desire to see Wichita lead the way for the rest of the state on pro-growth policies and fiscal responsibility.

By dedicating time and talent to spreading Wu’s positions to residents, AFP-KS was able to make a combined total of more than 247,000 voter contacts through digital ads, door knocking, mailers, and telephone outreach.

AFP-KS State Director Elizabeth Patton made the following statement:

“It took dozens of people willing to mobilize behind Lily Wu and reach voters across the city to secure tonight’s victory. We’re thrilled that a candidate who understands cutting the red tape on regulations and balancing the budget will help our state’s economy and fight inflation.

“AFP-KS was honored to back a candidate who demonstrates that they will lead how Kansas needs them to lead. Through innovation, Lily will bring Wichita to a smarter future and expand opportunities for our city.”