The Issues

The right policies are essential to helping our country achieve its full potential. That’s why Americans for Prosperity fights for the issues you care about — to pass the policies that benefit your community and expand freedom and opportunity for all.

AFP’s policy roadmap, Pathway to Prosperity, lays out several key priorities that will help unlock America’s potential.

We’re partnering with advocates, thought leaders and lawmakers to pass principled policy in the following issue areas.

Economic Progress

America is in the middle of an economic crisis. Unsustainable government spending and burdensome regulations have driven up inflation and resulted in high food, energy, and housing costs — limiting the economic progress of nearly every American.

This wasteful spending has also created a debt load that will be one of the biggest obstacles to success for future generations.

To fight against these harmful policies and put America back on the path to prosperity, we’re working to:

Health Care

Americans have access to some of the world’s best doctors and treatments that people in other countries could only dream of. But a maze of government red tape has put access to quality, affordable health care out of reach for too many people.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re working to make health care more affordable, less of a hassle, and transparent. How? With the Personal Option, a doctor-supported plan that puts you in control.

Instead of a government-controlled system that limits your options and keeps costs high, the Personal Option can bring you the quality care you deserve from the doctors you trust at a price you can afford.


America has lost control over its borders and its immigration system. Congress’s failure to strengthen our border and streamline lawful migration pathways created a system that undermines the rule of law and fails to meet the needs of American families, workers, and entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, there are practical immigration reforms that can lead to a Stronger US— if only Congress dares to act.

Investing in real border security and streamlining the visa sponsorship system for American families, farmers, and small businesses, modernizing the U.S. workforce, and providing DREAMERS with an earned pathway toward certainty are the first steps we can take toward reaching the highest potential of American communities and strengthening our inherent welcoming culture, while keeping Americans safe and secure.

Free Speech & Peace

Every American should have the power to speak, think, and act as they see fit, without hindrance from the government — as long as they’re not violating the rights of others.

Yet today we too often see resistance toward a culture of free expression. To foster such a culture, we need to protect the First Amendment in legislation and judicial decisions.

But we also need to learn to coexist even when we disagree with one another. That’s the only way we’ll be able to find common ground and work toward solutions to the challenges we’re facing.

Criminal Justice

Americans are rightly concerned about the rise in violent crime that is impacting communities big and small and across political leanings. Most crime goes unreported to police and the vast majority of the crime that is reported goes unsolved. This means our criminal justice system is failing to provide justice to most victims and prevent victimization in the future.

There is a better path to more effective public safety policies that prevent and reduce crime while also restoring lost trust between communities and police. State and local law enforcement and policymakers that have implemented these strategies have seen remarkable improvements in public safety. Victims deserve justice, and our communities deserve a justice system that ensures we can all realize our American dream.

Foundational Education

All students deserve the opportunity to excel, but too often they’re trapped in outdated educational models that prevent them from discovering and exploring their potential.

Instead of limiting learners and families in a one-size-fits-all approach, we should expand their available options so they can customize their student’s educational options in ways that best suit their unique talents and needs.

To achieve all these reforms, Americans for Prosperity is building a movement of millions, from activists to policymakers to partner organizations, to drive a bottom-up approach to public policy that will advance the principles that have driven progress throughout America’s history.