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The Issues

Americans for Prosperity is uniting people to drive solutions in the issue areas that most affect their ability to discover and develop their unique gifts. Bad public policy creates barriers that prevent people from realizing their potential, so we’re committed to advocating solutions that empower everyone to overcome these barriers so they can contribute and succeed.

Economic Opportunity

Unleashing opportunity through sound fiscal policy and reforming entitlements

Unsustainable government spending limits the economic opportunity of all Americans, and fuels special interest politics that rig the system in favor of the well-connected at the expense of everyone else. It’s also creating a debt load that presents one of the greatest obstacles to success for Americans today and for future generations.

To get the country back on the right fiscal track, Americans for Prosperity is working to rein in mandatory and discretionary spending, eliminate handouts that pick winners and losers while disadvantaging hardworking taxpayers, and create a tax code that enables everyone to succeed instead of punishing their success.

A health care system that delivers quality, through accessible and affordable care

The United States has the most advanced and innovative health care system in the world.

Nevertheless, too many Americans can’t access quality and affordable care when and where they need it. That’s because our health care industry is saddled with unnecessary restrictions that make care less accessible and more expensive.

It’s time for a new approach that promotes the greatest opportunity for everyone.

Both the federal government and the states must remove harmful restrictions on innovative technologies, medical professionals, and providers. What’s more, Congress must protect and ensure the proper implementation of recent bipartisan reforms at the Department of Veterans Affairs to increase health care choice and provide accountability for VA employees.

Promoting work and opportunity through labor reform

Too many Americans are being held back from fulfilling and rewarding work.

We want to drive the elimination of state and federal barriers that devalue work, create cycles of dependency, and prevent people from finding fulfillment in the profession of their choice. To address this challenge, we seek reforms in occupational licensing, public and private sector labor, and workforce development.

Unlocking Americans’ full potential with regulatory reform

Too often, regulatory roadblocks keep Americans from reaching their full potential.

Decades of unchecked regulatory accumulation have made government unresponsive to people’s needs. But smart regulatory reform can create an economy that works for all.

We are focused on big-picture efforts to restore accountability to administrative codes and improve regulatory outcomes by seeking to reform overly burdensome regulatory processes at the state and federal levels that too often stifle innovation without delivering benefits or protections from harm.

Criminal Justice Reform

One mistake should not determine the rest of a person’s life. Yet, for those exiting incarceration and reentering our communities, their past often prevents them from moving on and rehabilitating their lives.

To enact lasting criminal justice reform, lawmakers and other stakeholders in the justice system should work together and adopt recommendations that would give every American a shot at a second chance. Building on the success of the First Step Act, legislators can support policies that ensure that formerly incarcerated individuals who have earned their freedom are given the opportunity to find employment, housing, and health care.

Keeping our communities safe is the primary goal of our justice system. By ensuring that our returning citizens are set up for a successful reentry, we can help keep our communities safer.

Free Expression

The civil liberties that serve as the foundation of our country — including freedoms of speech and the press, and freedom of conscience and the right to peaceably assemble, among others — make it possible for everyday people to take courageous stands to drive social progress. We’re working alongside partners to make it easier for all Americans to engage on the issues they’re passionate about. That includes defending press freedom in the digital age, ensuring students and educators remain free to engage with each other and with new ideas, expanding citizens’ access to information about their government, protecting the right of all people to lend their voice to public discourse by joining together in charitable, civic, and community organizations, and standing alongside others in protest.

Foreign Policy

One of the primary roles of government is to provide for a strong national defense. But that is only part of what good foreign policy should look like.

Our nation’s foreign policy should be characterized by a grand strategy of realism and restraint, free trade, and diplomacy; keeping our military out of endless entanglements around the world; and using military force only when a national interest is at risk.

When there is a legitimate threat to our country, lawmakers must be decisive in where the military is authorized to engaged. Our service members need and deserve clearly defined strategies and strong leadership to carry out their missions.


U.S. immigration laws are outdated, ineffective, and unaccountable – resulting in a status quo that does not work for U.S. citizens or immigrants.

The partnership between immigrants and citizens is an essential part of the success of the United States.

That’s why Congress must act to fix our nation’s broken and outdated immigration system. The overwhelming majority of immigrants want to add value to our economy, communities, and culture. We should welcome them, while simultaneously ensuring those who would come to do us harm are prevented from doing so. We can have better immigration, a stronger economy, and safer communities.

K-12 Education

All students deserve the opportunity to excel.

To ensure an excellent education for every person, Americans for Prosperity seeks to implement policies that allow states to lead in the development of reforms that expand educational opportunity and allow students to discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities.

At the state level, Americans for Prosperity is bringing together policymakers to work on reforms that empower families to find the educational setting that best suits their child’s individual needs. We recognize that every child is unique, and they do not all succeed in the same educational environment. By updating and innovating, we can help every child to learn and unlock their full potential.

Technology & Innovation

It’s an incredible time to be alive. As new technologies transform the world, innovations that seemed impossible just a decade ago are part of everyday life now. But in this time of disruption, many people are understandably concerned about the challenges that come with such rapid change. Some are calling to block new technologies, impose harmful restrictions on current ones, or otherwise limit the pace of innovation. We seek a better way: a culture and policies that embrace innovation and new ideas while working together to adapt to disruption rather than holding back progress. Let’s ensure the incredible progress today is just the beginning.

We encourage innovation and new ideas. We meet the challenge of disruption in a way that empowers all people to experience the benefits of technology in their everyday lives. Technology can improve our world, but it requires a policy environment that allows for experimentation and a culture that strives for innovation. That’s why Americans for Prosperity is playing an active role in supporting policies that ensure the U.S. remains a global innovation leader. We’re committed to removing the barriers holding back the next great American idea.


Building a stronger economy that works for all requires trade policy that reflects a belief that people have what it takes to compete, instead of erecting barriers that prevent them from using their skills to serve as many people as possible around the world.

Thirty-nine million American jobs depend on trade. Greater access to trade means greater economic opportunity in the United States. This is especially true for small businesses, which make up 98 percent of all U.S. exporters. The freedom to buy and sell goods around the world increases prosperity in the United States and gives Americans greater access to technological innovation, enhancing their quality of life.

Americans for Prosperity is working to facilitate greater freedom to trade by encouraging Congress to remove all barriers, including tariffs and other restrictions on imports and exports, and support efforts that foster increased commerce, such as reforming the World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body.

To achieve all these reforms, Americans for Prosperity is building a movement of millions, from activists to policymakers to partner organizations, to drive a bottom-up approach to public policy that will advance the principles that have driven progress throughout America’s history.