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Work Hard for Freedom – Annette Olson

May 08, 2014

“Growing up in America in the 20th Century, every child, yes – even the girls, heard these words, “You can do anything; be anything you want to be when you grow up. Work hard and you will achieve your dreams.” These words resonate in my head and in my heart. I still have faith that [...]


May 01, 2014

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “Any politician that identifies as fiscally responsible should support our efforts to end the Export-Import bank. It is little more than corporate welfare for a select few, propped up on the backs of American taxpayers. This bank has a negative impact on the economy and is in danger of a [...]

Gov. Scott Walker named to Time 100

April 25, 2014

His reforms have brought tax reductions to his citizens and economic growth to his state. They have allowed public workers the freedom to choose whether to belong to a union. They have made Wisconsin a better place to live and work. Read the rest of the article from Time Magazine here.  Like this post? Chip [...]

Opinion: Keep it Personal

April 21, 2014

It seems as if it was only a few years ago that the terms decorum and statesman were used in the political realm. People on opposite sides of the fence would debate over what they believed with the hope they could convince their good neighbor to agree on the subject of the day. Debate used [...]