Op-Ed: PA’s Real Budget Disgrace

September 03, 2015

In a new op-ed for The Patriot News, Beth Anne Mumford explains that the real disgrace is not the legislature’s proposed budget, as claims Governor Wolf, but the state’s wasteful spending. “Gov. Tom Wolf has an interesting definition of the word “disgraceful.” He says it is disgraceful that the state Legislature passed a budget that does […]

Anna’s Vacation and the Case for Liquor Privatization

August 04, 2015

Last month I went on vacation with my husband’s family in rural Virginia. Ten adults and five children 7-years-of-age and under living in the same house for seven days certainly is an experience. The other experience I enjoyed? Buying wine and beer along with my groceries at the local Food Lion. It’s crazy that in […]

AFP Applauds Senator Don White for Supporting Fireworks Legalization

July 17, 2015

“Let Pennsylvanians celebrate the rockets’ red glare next July 4th” HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Pennsylvania’s leading grassroots advocate for allowing adults to make adult decisions, applauded Senator Don White for supporting legislation and speaking out in favor of legalizing fireworks. AFP agrees with Senator White that “you can’t legislate stupid”, though restrictions on fireworks […]

AFP Disappointed in Governor Wolf’s Pension Reform Veto

July 09, 2015

Governor hypocritical to talk about fiscal responsibility when he blocks needed pension reforms HARRISBURG – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Pennsylvania is disappointed in Governor Wolf for vetoing pension reform passed by the state legislature. The veto comes shortly after the Governor claimed that the state legislature’s budget, which he also vetoed, is fiscally irresponsible. “Governor Wolf […]


July 09, 2015

I wanted to give you an update from our Freedom Focus monthly newsletter that went out over the weekend. But first, it’s been over a week since the Commonwealth had a working 2015-2016 budget.  Did you notice?  I didn’t think so.  For the majority of people, life has been normal.  We celebrated Independence Day, went […]